Cambridge at Matarau School

Cambridge comes to Matarau School

Friday 1st July 2016
Brendan Year 7

Cambridge has just been introduced this year. Matarau does Cambridge Maths and English, these are optional. The Cambridge programme is only for year 7 and 8’s (Intermediate). We have two amazing teachers called Mr Le Breton and Mrs Donaldson. Mrs Donaldson is our maths teacher and Mr Le Breton is our english teacher. The daily timetable is that before morning tea, we have writing, after morning tea we have maths, after maths we have reading, and after lunch we have other curriculum areas.

Matarau gives the opportunity to students to get a head start to high school. The students develop skills and extend their thinking. One of the main reasons why Matarau does Cambridge, is that it challenges the students and the majority of children enjoy it. The teachers can choose their resources that they use, this allows them to pick the resources that the pupils would be most interested in.

This is the first year that I have enjoyed maths and many more have good comments.
‘It is a structured programme and gets the children challenged in different ways.’ -Jaimee
‘It gives us a head start in High school’ -Nathan
‘It challenges me in maths and writing’ -Lucas

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