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Guiding Principles and Focus Areas

Educational Philosophy

The following principles underpin our programmes

  • The belief that a positive attitude is the key to success in all that we do
  • That education should have, as its primary aim, independent, self-managed learners who take responsibility for their learning and behaviour
  • That education is both an end in itself and a preparation for life beyond school

  • That values instruction is integral to school life

  • That learning is enhanced when there is a partnership between home and school
  • That relationships (between teacher and student, student and student, teacher and parent etc) are at the very heart of effective learning

In more specific terms

We are committed to providing a balanced education (which incorporates both basic skills and opportunities for extension in areas of personal ability and interest).  We work hard to ensure this occurs in an environment in which children feel safe and where every individual child is valued for their unique disposition and talents.

A message to students

Your teacher will do his/her very best to ensure you have real opportunities to experience and practice these rights and responsibilities.  You need to help here!.  If you feel that your rights are not being met, or you would like support to meet your responsibilities, please see your teacher.  Don’t Delay!

Learner Contract | Matarau School

Values Your Rights Your Responsibilities
To feel valued You have a right to feel appreciated for the talents you bring, for the work you do, and for the things you say You have a responsibility to appreciate the character, talents and contributions of others (including your teacher)
To know self You have a right to know what you are good at and how you learn best To use your talents well
To make choices You have a right to enjoy learning and play To know that real enjoyment comes from a positive attitude and a job well done