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Mission Statement

The Matarau School Board of Trustees will ensure that children are provided with diverse and challenging opportunities

In short, we believe that healthy schools are places where children feel value, where they learn to value others, where they learn important things about themselves (and others), about how they learn (and play), where they can make real choices about the way they learn, and where they grow a love for learning.  These things do not stand in isolation from each other, they map onto each other in ways unique to each individual.  We strive for this schematic to be the lens through which we evaluate and design learning at our school, and the basis for self-review.  We actually believe that these elements exist in all truly effective organisations.  The outer ring of this schematic reminds us of the importance of relationships, the power of our words, the need to ensure that what we do remains relevant to the lives and aspirations of those involved, and the power of choice (and teamwork) as the most fundamental of all motivators.  Finally we believe in forward momentum, that standing still means going backwards, and that real forward momentum requires commitment and teamwork.

We are acutely aware that, with respect to every element of our pedagogy, we are a work in progress.   The deeper we go the more we realise we have yet to learn.  Through all of this our pedagogy keeps us true to what matters for us, while allowing us some latitude to try new things.

  • To be valued (by self and others)

  • To know and build on their strengths (including a knowledge of how they learn)

  • To make productive learning and personal decisions

  • To enjoy learning

Matarau School believes that while systems are important, relationships are more important.

  • Where people are valued for the unique talents they bring

  • Where affirming dialogue is common currency

  • Where accommodations are made for personal choice

  • Where learning is authentic and relevant

  • Where teamwork contributes to positive forward momentum

  • Then there you will find learning in its truest sense

(The school is indebted to the work of William Glasser whose “Quality Schools Model” is the inspiration behind our Mission Statement and much of what we do.  Parents interested in learnng more about the “Quality Schools Model” are encouraged to access the following texts…
“The Quality School – Managing Students Without Coercion”  William Glasser M.D.  Harper Collins N.Y.  1998
“Choice Theory in the Classroom”  William Glasser M.D.  Harper Collins   N.Y.  1988)