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Matarau Bus Information

Matarau School buses service the following areas

Pipiwai Road  |   Otakairangi Road  |  Rushbrook Road to Swamp Road  |  Three Mile Bush Road to Church Road

Bus Entitlement 

Children have an automatic entitlement to use the bus service if

  • They live more than 4.8 kilometres from the school

  • They live more than 3.2 kilometres from the school and are under the age of ten

  • They have an existing bus entitlement to another school. (This is called transferred entitlement and involves children from outside our school zone who choose to attend our school rather than their closest school. These children have entitlement to catch the bus from its most distant route point).

  • N.B.  |  Many children who do not meet these age/distance criteria also use the school bus.  This usage, however, is at the discretion of the bus contractor who has the right to charge for this usage at some future date if he chooses.

Bus Routes

Established bus routes must be both safe and economically viable. Funding is not provided to run buses down side roads.  In most cases buses should travel no closer than 1.6 km to the home of the most distant eligible child and should not extend beyond 1.6 km from the mid point to the next closest school.

Applications for extensions and alterations to the bus routes need to be made to Multiserve Education Trust – Transport Management Division.  Extensions depend on issues like numbers of children, safety and economic viability.  Sometimes privately funded extensions can be negotiated with the bus contractor.

Bus Stops

These are determined by the bus contractor as safe drop off points within reasonable proximity of a cluster of homes.  The number of stops must always be limited if buses are to run to reasonable times.

Conveyancing Allowance 

Is payable to families who live more than 2.4 kilometres from the nearest bus pick up point whether or not they choose to use the bus.  Application forms for Conveyancing Allowance are available from the school.

Catching the bus in the morning

Parents are responsible for the safety and behaviour of children prior to bus pick up.  They should take all reasonable measures to ensure that children arrive in time to catch the bus and that they adhere to safe roadside behaviour.

Catching the afternoon bus

The school will take all reasonable measures to ensure that children are placed on the correct bus at the end of the school day.

CA duty teacher oversees bus departures and

  • Checks departing children off on bus list
  • Checks for alterations to usual travel arrangements where we have been advised of these by parents
  • Ensures that efforts are made to locate children who are not present in the bus line and where we have not received notification of alternative travel arrangements. (all unaccounted children will be called once over the PA system and the junior rooms will be checked by a monitor)

Where a child misses the bus

While all efforts are made to locate missing children there is a limit to how long a bus can be held.  This situation is greatly helped when parents remember to advise the school office beforehand of any alterations to usual plans.  Where a child misses their bus parents will be asked to arrange pick up of their child from school.

Changing buses

Where parents wish their child to catch an alternative bus (i.e. not their usual bus) prior approval must be sought from the school office (no later than the morning of the day in question). Approval will depend on loadings.

Under No Circumstances will children be allowed to travel on an alternative bus without a prior phone call or written note signed by their caregiver.

Key responsibilities of parents

When a child will not be travelling on their customary bus it is the responsibility of parents  to advise the school office by note (signed) or phone call no later than 2:30 PM on the day in question.  Parents are also expected to assist the school to promote positive bus behaviour, to support the driver and bus monitors in maintaining order and safety on the bus.


The school will take all reasonable measures to educate children on aspects of safe bus conduct.  In the event of misbehaviour children and parents will be advised of concerns and will be supported in efforts to modify this behaviour.

The school reserves the right to remove children from the bus for a specified period of time (or indefinitely if warranted) where the persistent misbehaviour of that child is a threat to the health and/or safety of themselves or others.

Approximate Bus Times | Morning

Route K018LocationFirst pick upDropped at school
Pipiwai Road, First Bus, N.B Secondary BusChildren living Tremain/Miro Roads to the school7.50am8.05am
Pipiwai Road, Second Bus, N.B Primary BusChildren living between Worsnop Road and Ruatangata Hall.  Pick up at Crossett Road and at Attwood/Koko Road Junction7.55am8.20am
Otakairangi Road, N.B Primary BusChildren living on Otakairangi Road  |  Most distant point mid way between Rowlands Road and Riponui Road8.30am8.50am
Route K012LocationFirst pick upDropped at school
Ngararatunua Marae to SchoolChildren living Church Road, Crane Road and three Mile Bush Road8.00am8.15am
Swap RoadChildren living Heaton/Swamp Road Junction via Jordon Valley and Rushbrook Road to school8.25am8.45am
Kamo Fare Paying ServiceLocationFirst pick upDropped at school
Kamo to school via K012Pick up from Kamo Library7.35am8.15am

Approximate Bus Times | Afternoon

Route K018LocationLeave SchoolReaches Farthest Point
Pipiwai Road, First Bus, N.B Most children who traveled on the secondary bus in the morning but now on the primary busChildren who live from the school to the vicinity of the Ruatangata Hall, but including those living Crossett Road and Attwood and Kokopu Roads3.05pm3.25pm
Otakairangi RoadJust beyond Rowlands Road to school3.35pm3.55pm
Route K012LocationLeave SchoolReaches Farthest Point
Worsnop RoadChildren beyond hall to Worsnop Road3.05pm3.20pm
Swamp RoadChildren living Heaton/Swamp Road junction via Jordon Valley and Rushbrook Roads to school3.35pm3.50pm
Ngararatunua MaraeChildren living Church Road, Crane Road and Three Mile Bush Road4.05pm4.20pm
Kamo Fare Paying ServiceLocationLeave SchoolReaches Farthest Point
School to Kamo via K012For town students drops off Cleaning Oasis4.05pm4.30pm