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Current Curriculum Focus

Current Special Focus

The school will continue its focus on personalized learning and writing, but with an additional focus on Multiple Intelligences and critical thinking

In personalising learning we aim (staff and children)  

  • To become productive self-managers of our own learning

  • To make choices that bring the best out of self and others

  • To pursue areas of interest

  • To grow in areas of need

  • To use digital technologies to add value to learning

  • To understand how we/they learn best

  • To apply these understandings in diverse contexts

In writing we will explore both the surface and deeper features of writing.  We will get opportunities to grow, share and get excited about writing.

In particular,  we want to focus on sharing writing in meaningful (authentic) ways, to have rich conversations around writing (and the writing process), and to support our reluctant writers towards writing success and enjoyment.

Multiple Intelligence’s

Our new focus on Multiple Intelligence’s will grow our capacity to acknowledge and share the special talents each student (and staff member) brings to school every day.  We will explore what these intelligence’s are, how they look in practice, how we might celebrate these talents together, and how we can use these talents to grow a healthy sense of self.

Critical Thinking

Additionally, we will focus on how we make sense of information, especially information which is diverse and sometimes contradictory.  We believe, in this age of information, that it is critical to know how to evaluate information for truthfulness, to assemble this information in ways which make sense, and which assist to answer our primary questions in meaningful ways.

Our Targets

Although we will gather and analyse data in a wide range of areas in 2018, our writing results will be of special interest to us. These results will be used to.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses

  • Set targets

  • Monitor progress

  • Measure the effectiveness of programmes

  • Measure engagement and enjoyment