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Board of Trustees

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The full charter is available from Kevin on request
Policy(ies) currently under review

Board Goals

  • The school aims to nurture

  • Excellence in literacy and numeracy

  • A commitment to personal bests

  • Values and work habits which are integral to effective learning and to life beyond school

  • The purposeful integration of ICT

  • Partnership between home and school

  • Success for all students

  • Good environmental awareness and practices

  • Physical education as a component of well-being and to provide opportunities to develop

Charter in Summary Form (Outcomes) NAG 1  |  Strategic Priorities 

  • Community Values
  • Personal responsibility for our work and actions
  • Pursuit of our best in all that we do
  • Commitment to a life long work ethic
  • Promotion of a positive self-image
  • Promotion of positive interpersonal relationships
  • Importance of physical education as a component of well-being
  • Good environmental practices
  • Recognition of the value of a rural lifestyle
  • Self-management and goal setting skills

  • Critical, creative and caring thinking skills

  • Values such as caring, determination, compassion and forgiveness

  • Positive interaction and respect for difference

  • Opportunities to value a rural lifestyle and interact with people from other communities

Annual Financial Report
Matarau School Financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2017, please click the button to view our report.
Annual Financial Report