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Grievance Policy



The board recognises its obligation to ensure that prescribed avenues for grievance exist and that these are made available to the community.


To ensure  …

  1. That procedures for making complaints are clearly delineated.
  2. That complaints are dealt with in a consistent, systematic and fair manner.
  3. That complaints are actioned within an appropriate timeframe.


Where a caregiver has a complaint the following steps should be followed.

  1. The caregiver makes an appointment with their child’s teacher where the issue is discussed.  The teacher will note this concern and a plan for future action will be outlined including a review date.
  2. Where the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved within a reasonable timeframe (which might be at review date or earlier where appropriate) an appointment should be made to discuss this matter with the principal.
  3. At the meeting with the principal a further action plan will be agreed between parties and a review date set.  It is likely that an appointment will be made involving all parties close to or on the review date.  At this point the action plan may be discontinued or modified for a further period.
  4. If the matter in question remains unresolved a complaint should be made in writing to the board chairperson.


As with purposes above.