A Student Report on our Cambridge Programme

Cambridge at Matarau school. An advantage for high school.

Friday 1st July 2016
By Sean, Year 7 Matarau School

This year Matarau School has started Cambridge for year 7 and 8. This is is the first year Matarau School has done Cambridge. Cambridge is good for our learning as it’s much harder than ordinary school work and gets us ahead in our our Maths and English. It is an advantage for high school and we’re very lucky to have it.

It was organized by Mrs Donaldson (a teacher at Matarau School). Matarau School thought it gave us another opportunity for us to learn more. Cambridge is the most well known curriculum for learning. Although Cambridge is harder work it’s better for our learning and it’ll help the students a lot at high school.

We learn out of the Cambridge textbooks that the school has purchased for us to use. Cambridge is much different from other work because it’s harder and helps us learn more, it is not only hard and good for our learning it’s also challenging which to most people is fun and we enjoy it.

I think that Cambridge is great because all the people who are above the others in the senior school are helped to learn at the level that they are. Maddy said “ I like Cambridge because it’s challenging” Brendan said “ I never liked maths until Cambridge came in”. I feel that Cambridge is great for our learning and it’s interesting and fun.

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