Calf Club


Calf club is in the third term. This event is when you choose if you bring a pet (no dogs)lambs, calves.

If you don’t you still go to school, but you spend time doing fun things like arts and games while the people with animals are being judged. Once the judging is over the people with out animals.

The judging categories for calves are Leading, Rearing, Best Dairy & Best Beef. For the lambs are Calling, Rearing, Leading, & Best Pet.

The pets are quite different , the judge calls people up individually and they tell them about there pets.

There are ice blocks and drinks for sale. you can also pre-order a hangi to have on the day.

We also have indoor exhibits that are displayed in the hall. These can vary between age and year.

Before lunch we have the prize giving then we go to lunch. After all the judging is over the kids are allowed to have a meal and have time together.

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