Art Scholarships

Art Scholarship

Once a year, all middle school pupils and senior students take part in a friendly art competition. You can be nominated by teacher parent/caregiver or yourself. Nearly every year, it takes place in the hall. The people who runs the Art Scholar is Mr T, Mrs Walker and Mr Schuster.

Three pieces of artwork have to be completed in the present year AT SCHOOL ! 1 can be from elsewhere or 2 on the exception of the teacher and 1 has to be from be previous year. On a certain night, once everyone has brought their artwork, the artwork is judged by a artist.

The prize is 125 dollars gift vulture for art supplies. The middles and the seniors are judged separately. Then , on prize-giving the winners are announced and one middle and one senior get the vultures and a trophy and the rest ( about 5 ) get certificates and a trophy at prize giving.

Then, after prize-giving, all the parents and children are eating finger food that families have provided. There, families can observe all the artwork that was done. After they can take it home.

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