Character Day

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This was a well supported day that was run by the School Council. Children could dress in clothes based on favorite characters  from books or movies.                     … [Read more...]

Community Services


Community services is when students in different rooms get different jobs to do to help others in the school. One of them is the Friday and Monday lunch orders. You separate the food orders into the room containers, and you go to the class room, and give it to the teacher. There is also PE shed. At lunch kids come and get … [Read more...]

School Athletics


At the end of the year we have school athletics. On this day we have eight activities for each gp of kids. These groups are decided by spiting the kids in each of the four houses in half. On this day we do fun rotations form 9.00 to 12.35 with one 30 min break at 10.30. The activities are co-operation, hand soccer, long jump, shot … [Read more...]

Junior Production

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Every second year Matarau have a junior school production. This year it was called Kiwi Moon, by the looks on the kids’ faces they were very excited. During the production there was a variety of different songs that spread fun and joy around the room and it is a great opportunity for kids’ to try new things. But in the end they wish they … [Read more...]

Discovery Time – Junior

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Here at Matarau school we have great opportunities. One of witch is in the Junior school, it is called Discovery Time. this is when the teachers in Junior R   ooms 1,2,3,4,5,6 set up actives for the Juniors to do. A lot of the activities are hands on, such as one I saw when I was up there there where kids were making a bird-eye-view of … [Read more...]