Room 7&8 reliving an ANZAC experience

To commemorate the 100th year since the beginning of World War 1, Room 7 and 8 turned their classrooms into a war zone with trenches and loud war sound effects. The students had no idea what was happening when they arrived at school on Friday morning (24.04.15).
When the bell rang students were ushered over to the hall for an explanation of how the morning was going to go. Students were asked to pretend they were a soldier who has been at war for 2 months. They had to write a letter home in the trenches explaining what the conditions were like, what they had to eat and explain how they were feeling.

IMG_0662 IMG_0664 IMG_0668 IMG_0679Other classes took the time to enjoy the experience as well. In reflection, the morning was a success with the students showing a genuine interest in our heritage.


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