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The following are comments from parents who have children in the Cambridge programme  …


We are delighted that the school has introduced the Cambridge Programme. Our daughter is thoroughly enjoying the programme and showing a positive attitude towards school.  Her learning has improved immensely, expanding her skills and attitude towards life. 

Cambridge examinations are recognised all around the world and we are privilege to have the opportunity for our children to attend the programme at Matarau School.  


Phoebe Curtis & Peter Spanhake



I am pleased to let you know the benefits of studying Cambridge:

1. Credits earned through the Cambridge course is accepted throughout the universities around the world. This means, that the students with Cambridge credits can go to well-known universities in the Ivy League or in England.

2. Because Cambridge is harder and more challenging than NCEA, students who have studied Cambridge can get high grades in NCEA.

3. University study is easier for who has taken the Cambridge curriculum as it is more advanced than NCEA and covers the fundamental ideas before going to university.

4. Cambridge curriculum is usually, especially recommended to students who enjoy Science and Mathematics.


Thank you,




The Cambridge Programme has a great in-depth grasp on the necessary basics.

I believe these basics create the foundations for future learning.  Cambridge also creates much needed study skills which students can apply throughout their education.

It is not only the content of the curriculum that makes it successful, there is also effective delivery.


Appreciative Parent.


Regarding the Cambridge program for years 7 and 8 at Matarau.


Still early days with this program but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

The tremendous amount of work put in by the program’s teachers is evident, and the teacher parent sessions are of great value to parents who are getting used to the change in workload for the students.


The fact that students are having to work harder to stay up to speed with the program can only be a good thing.

Some students who are used to gaining good marks are having to adjust to lower scores (at this stage) however this has been explained at the parent/teacher sessions and is no longer a cause for alarm, especially from the student’s perspective.

Testing to determine what a student doesn’t know, provides focus for both teacher and student going forward.


We look forward to the students measurable development over these coming months.


Keep up the great work!