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There are plenty of views out there on what really makes a difference to student learning.

Did you know that ground breaking research has proven what informed teachers and parents have known all along ..


.. that the professional who stands at the front of your child’s class each day will have a bigger impact than any almost any other factor.


.. Is that teacher fully planned and prepared for each teaching day?Ipad-sm1 ROOM 12 046
.. What is the quality of their relationship with their students?
.. Do students receive quality feedback on their work?
.. Are students shown how they can improve?
.. Are instructions clear?
.. Is the teacher sensitive to their specific learning needs?
.. Are programmes based on clear goals and high expectations?
.. Do these programmes build the skills required for success at secondary school and beyond?


Did you know that there is a year 7 and 8 programme on offer in the Whangarei area which integrates these crucial elements to assure students of personal success .. Matarau School …


…  has low class numbers (low twenties per class)

…  Cambridge Mathematics and English programmes, ensuring that learners are both challenged and thoroughly prepared for secondary school

…  personalised learning

…  diverse learning opportunities including an options programme

…  social, sporting and outdoor education opportunities

… a safe and supportive learning environment

… a proven track record of success

… a bus service to and from Kamo .. and no private school fees!



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While fully a part of the school we also recognise that the needs of year 7 and 8 children are in some respects unique. We make specific provision for those needs within specially targetted and academically rigorous programmes
This prospectus endeavours to highlight some of the many advantages of year 7 and 8 education at Matarau School. It is by no means exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the schools general prospectus.
Year 7 & 8s and the full primary school ….


Our year 7 and 8 programme is based on the national curriculum. This means that the basic framework for curriculum delivery is prescribed by the Ministry of Education (and audited by the Education Review Office) to ensure that our year 7 and 8 children have programmes not dissimilar to year 7 and 8 children in secondary, area or intermediate schools. In fact it is not uncommon for children in full primary schools to be operating at a higher instructional level than their counterparts in larger schools.


Advantages of a full Primary School


• Education within a safe rural environment comparatively free from the pressures and diversions of a large urban school
• Opportunities to develop leadership attributes as school seniors
• Education in an environment where children feel safe and where individual children are valued for their unique disposition and talents
• Education in a school where these children are already well known by staff. This aids in the quick transfer of relevant information to the receiving teacher. Skills and interests are already known and any potential problems can be dealt with quickly.
• Education within a peer group large enough to develop an age appropriate network of friends but not so large as to generate many of the problems associated with a large number of early adolescents
• Education within an environment which is closely monitored.


In more specific terms the year 7 and 8 programme at Matarau School offers





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• Class numbers substantially lower than in most urban schools. Class numbers are usually in the low twenties enabling more individualised instruction and better access to learning resources.
• Specialist teaching in Science, Technology (off site) and digital technologies (on site). This ensures senior staff have the opportunity to specialise in areas of strength (as occurs in larger schools) and accustoms children to the experience of multiple teachers.
• Instruction in goal setting, time management, study skills and test technique
• Participation in leadership and community services programmes
• Excellent classroom discipline ensuring lessons occur without disruption in a fashion most conducive to effective learning
• Specific programmes tailored for children ages 11 to 13. These include advanced study skills and thinking skills programmes
• Numerous opportunities for extension including ..
.. Science fair / Action learning
.. DeBono Cort Thinking Programme
.. Otago Maths Challenge
.. Australian Schools English and Maths Competitions
.. A variety of withdrawal and extension programmes
• Opportunities for individualised monitoring and instruction in areas of need
• Instruction in use of computers and associated technologies
• Excellent outdoor education and sports programmes
• Secondary school bridging programmes which ensure the best possible preparation for secondary school.
• Staff who are highly accessible and committed to working in close partnership with parents
• A firm commitment to teaching core basic skills in English & Maths
• Opportunities to develop skills in areas of interest


Senior Options programme


Our year 7 and 8 students also participate in an”options Programme”


In 2016 options on offer include  …


…  Spanish

…  Korean

…  Te Reo

…  Coding and digital technologies

…  Sports science

…  Experimental (lab based) science


The options programme provides opportunities to extend learning into areas of personal skill or interest.  It also exposes students to material they might encounter at (and beyond) secondary school.


Children will also participate in a  career guidance programme.


Senior study hour


The school provides supervised study time (year 7 and 8 students only) from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 2 to 3 afternoons a week.  During this time students may seek additional assistance in areas of difficulty.  This service is provided free to parents.  Please note that children must be registered in advance for this programme.



The step to secondary school


We take seriously our responsibility to prepare our seniors for secondary school. We have regular liaison with local secondary schools to help ensure that our seniors are prepared academically and socially for this important step. We undertake an extensive programme of preparation for secondary school entry tests and have consistently achieved grade averages well above average overall entry levels.


Significant achievements of our Year 7 and 8s
• Excellent year 9 class placements
• A disproportionately high number of former pupils have gone on to achieve exceptionally well in their respective secondary schools
• Exceptional achievements in regional and national science fairs including two national winners and more individual prizes proportionate to our size than any other school
• Exceptional achievement in Australian Schools English and Mathematics Competitions


Physical Resources
 …  Exceptionally well resourced classrooms
 …  A high ratio of computers per student


…  computerised library issues and cataloguing systems


…  specialist computer suite


…  specialist computer suite


…  specialist science lab
 …  School hall / gymnasium




Prospectus – School & Y 7, 8