Year 7&8 Senior Options Programme 2017-04-21T23:12:40+12:00

On Tuesday afternoons Senior students at Matarau School work on a range of activities that they would like to learn more about. These activities are chosen by the students. The activities enhance, motivate, introduce the children to a range of learning opportunities. The strength of this programme is the wide range of activities. Each student chooses two activities per afternoon, normally one is a language.      



A chance to be introduce to the world of computer programming. 

The programme focuses on teaching children how to create a series of instructions that makes the computer perform a task.

We are actively teaching problem solving, thinking, sequencing and creativity. The end point is to create a simple game for others to play. One of our students, Nathan made a game of Flappy Bird 



Coding 1

A student creating instructions to complete a task.



Students are asked to work through a Scientific process. This will involve Prediction, Hypothesis, Variables, Testing and Evaluating what has happened.

Science 1

Students are discussing their observations of what just occurred.

Science 2

This student is working through a process, with equipment and safety gear on.


This is an important part of education for all NZ students. The benefit of this programme is that students are able to extend this interest of Maori into small group learning. Learning covers areas such as language, protocols and games.

Maori 2

Students work through coordination skills using a traditional Maori stick game



Matarau School is very fortunate to have gained the support of the NZ Korean Consul to help fund a teacher to come in and help us with this programme. This programme is at introductory level covering letter and sentence recognition, customs, speech and culture.

Korea 2

Students working together on a group task

korea 1

This student is copying down a sentence in Korean. Practicing letter formation.


Sports Science


As part of the Tuesday afternoon options program, some of the students have been engaged in a sport’s science unit of work.  This unit has been focused around acquiring a specific skill from a chosen sport. During their studies, students decide upon a means of collecting data on their initial skill measurement before completing focused practice sessions, with the eventual goal being an improvement in their collected data. They are given the opportunity to research the components of the skill, as well as receive coaching tips from Mr. Le Breton during their practice sessions. Each session is recorded as evidence of practice, along with reflective questions that are either backward, forward or inward looking, in an attempt to frame and prioritise what their next session will involve.

Sports Science 2

This student is analysing video footage of a rugby ball being kicked. This is part of a process to improve his own kicking technique.



This is an introductory approach to introducing the students to Spanish. Learning covers areas such as language, protocols and games.

Spanish 3

Students learning phrases in Spanish.