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Children entering the Cambridge programme will enter via one of the following pathways  …


…  Full Cambridge Lower Scondary Maths and English

…  Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths only

…  Cambridge Lower Secondary English only

…  Non-Cambridge Maths and English but incorporating useful elements of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme.


Students will exit their homeroom programmes into the appropriate Cambridge pathway  each day.  They will then return to their homeroom for other subjects.  Programmes will be taught by experienced teachers with specialties in the areas concerned. 


Determination of Learning Pathway


Children learn in different ways, and have unique talents and needs.  It is crucial to match learners to the optimal pathway for them.

When making these decisions consideration will be give to the following  …

…  past achievement (and potential) in the

subject(s) concerned

…  commitment to academic learning including application to homework

…  personal learning style

…  extra-curricular demands on time

…  familial circumstances and commitment