Production 2016 – Horrible Histories

Matarau School’s Production  -  Hilarious History

Research tells us that when learning is integrated into an authentic and shared experience, its value is multiplied.  Authentic learning provides opportunities to apply learning in ways which impress upon minds more deeply.  With this in mind, please find below some student reflections on our forthcoming school production  …

Lucas  …  I loved paining the backdrop.  I learnt how to shade and how to use a paint brush properly.  I also made new friends because we chatted while we worked.

Conal  …  I really enjoyed acting in different roles.  We joked around and tried to really be our characters.  I also learnt a lot about history.

Jamie  …  To start with I was scared of dancing in front of people but now it is easy, and lots of fun.  As well as being fun I have learnt a lot.

Nathan  …  I learnt how to operate the sound board.  This can be stressful.  I have learnt a lot about productions and that things don’t always work, and I learnt that I am reliable.

Lily  …  I learnt a lot about history and how to memorise lines.  I got to know people and learn about their personalities and talents.

Lachie  …  I really liked production.  Before this I didn’t know many songs and I couldn’t sing well and now I can because I have had practice.  It was really fun because we least lost about history.


This year Matarau School went back through time with the Doctor, in his Tardis looking at the English Middle Ages exploring the roles that many Kings and Queens had during that time. There was also time to visit the Death Star and also come back to NZ at the signing of the Treaty.

This was a massive effort from all. We are proud that we have the children and staff to work together on such a massive scale.





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